super replay showdown

Super Replay Showdown 2013 – Week Two

by Ben Hanson on Mar 19, 2013 at 09:30 AM

Every year we hold a series of multiplayer matches chosen by video producer Ben Hanson, the last person standing wins the honor of choosing the next Super Replay game that we play through in its entirety. In case you missed it during last week's Replay, the annual Super Replay Showdown competition has already taken six competitors out of the game.

Watch the video below to learn who survived the deadly second week of Super Replay Showdown. The first part features a three-way deathmatch between Jeff Cork, Tim Turi, and Jeff Marchiafava followed by an intimate duel between Joe Juba and Andrew Reiner. Enjoy the video!

Stay tuned for this Saturday's match between Kim (Wallopin') Wallace and Ben (The Bone Breaker) Reeves followed by those that won in the video above! Click on the image below to expand the current bracket.