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super replay

Super Replay Showdown – Week One

by Phil Kollar on Mar 03, 2012 at 06:30 AM

Last year, we held a special Replay event where we let you, the viewers, vote on a future Super Replay. We wanted to do something similarly unique this year, and we came up with the idea for Super Replay Showdown.

You can see the first act of this epic tournament in the video posted below, but here are the basics:

Eight Game Informer editors have all come up with personal choices for our next Super Replay. Instead of sitting around and bickering with each other like we'd normally do to decide, we're holding a tournament (much like the famed NCAA basketball tourney). The editors rolled dice to find out what seed they would land in the tournament bracket. The editors will face off against each other in competitive games chosen by Ben Hanson to determine who moves on to the next round. We'll air one round of the tournament each week. The winner of the tournament determines what the next Super Replay is.

Enjoy this week's Super Replay Showdown, where we show off the crew of editors that will be competing, explain our personal Super Replay picks, and roll off to see who will be going against who. Tune in next week to witness the drama of our first match-ups and eliminations.

While you're waiting for the next episode of Super Replay Showdown, why not check out our past Replay and Super Replay videos on the Replay hub?