Singularity Spoiled!

by Tim Turi on Jul 29, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Did you beat Singularity? Did you try but simply ran out of time? Or maybe the game flew under your radar and you want to see how the narrative concludes? Well, the way in which this time-bending, mutant-laden, paradox-forming adventure ends is worthy of your time. Game Informer is pleased to completely spoil it for you. Join Andrew Reiner and myself as we check out video from the unforgettable scene and provide our thoughts on the puzzling conclusion. Even if you already defeated Singularity, come on in and post your thoughts. Spoilers ahead!

Want to skip the spoiled recap of the endings? Skip ahead to 15:09.

Reiner and I hope you enjoy the Cossack red we wore for the occasion. If you're interested in seeing me in a mustache spoiling the end of Red Dead Redemption, be sure to check out that episode here.