The Enemies Of Gears Of War 3

by Meagan Marie on May 28, 2010 at 09:40 AM

Things look pretty dire for Sera’s dwindling survivors, not to mention for the planet itself. The introduction of a third faction – the Lambent Locust – has resulted in a planet populated with foes more monstrous than ever. Lambent Stalks erupt from land and sea alike, spawning swarms of Polyps that spit noxious fluids. The Lambent Drudge are no cake walk, either. Their ability to mutate allows them to target multiple members of your team at once. To make matters worse, they go Kamikaze when near death – attempting to take you out in a last-ditch effort. Delta’s in for an uphill battle. Check out our complete breakdown below, and remember to click on any image in the gallery for the full-size preview.