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A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead reveal trailer

The A Quiet Place Game Breaks Its Silence With First Reveal Trailer

by Marcus Stewart on Jun 17, 2024 at 09:05 AM

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Fans of the A Quiet Place films may remember that a video game based on the franchise was announced almost three years ago. After years of worrying yet oddly appropriate silence, publisher Saber Interactive has revealed the title and first trailer for A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead.

The first-person adventure is an original story starring a young woman who must trek across a new area of the film’s post-apocalyptic landscape for unknown reasons (though the game’s description mentions she’s dealing with some kind of family drama). Like the movies, keeping quiet to avoid the wrath of the sound-sensitive alien invaders requires using tools such as a customized microphone that measures the sound levels in an area. 

Stealth is key, and players must carefully observe environments to create their own paths while avoiding noise-making hazards such as stepping on broken glass, as seen in the video. The trailer didn’t show any combat, but if it’s anything like the films, guns are likely to be present but perhaps deemphasized (they're quite loud, you see). 

Interestingly, A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead seems to have switched developers. When the game was first announced, Illogika was at the helm. Now, the game credits Stormind Games, the team behind the Remothered horror series and, most recently, Batora: Lost Haven. 

A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead was originally slated to launch in 2022, the same year A Quiet Place Part II hit theaters. With this trailer arriving ahead of the June 28 premiere of A Quiet Place: Day One, the game is again riding the momentum of a new film release. A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is coming sometime this year for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. 

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