You Can Grab Prey For Free On The Epic Games Store

by Marcus Stewart on May 12, 2022 at 05:35 PM

Epic Games Store rolled out its latest weekly offering of free games, and it includes a gem in 2017’s Prey. From now until May 19, you can grab Arkane’s bold reimagining of the Prey series, a game we scored an 8.25 out of 10. As an added bonus, this version of the game includes its very good Mooncrash expansion

Joining Prey is Jotun: Valhalla Edition, a Norse-themed action game by the studio behind Spiritfarer and Sundered, and futuristic racer, Redout: Enhanced. Unlike other subscription services, you can claim these games as long as you have an Epic account (which is free). 

You can watch us tackle the game's opening hours in the archived live stream below to find out what you're getting into. 

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