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Heavenly And Hellish Monthly Merch Is Coming With The Unboxing Of Isaac

by John Carson on Apr 05, 2022 at 02:00 AM

Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen is making a subscription program that will deliver monthly boxes of Isaac merch.

The Unboxing of Isaac is the name of the service McMillen is introducing alongside Maestro Media, the company behind the tabletop game The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. The Binding of Isaac fans can expect all kinds of goodies in the monthly package, including shirts, artwork, stickers, and each box contains three new cards to use in the tabletop game. 

In a press release shared with Game Informer, we have the contents of the first three months and the themes associated with them. It also shares a quote from McMillen about why this subscription box exists. 

"The most requested merch item during the Kickstarters was t-shirts, and although we did some, we really wanted to push it and make a series of bold and creative Isaac-themed merch that fans will love," says McMillen. "You asked and we listened!"

Here's what subscribers can expect in the first three boxes: 

May: Dogma (art by @orisghost)

"Something whispers through the TV static... The Dogma pack starts us off with a bang, a highly-requested t-shirt drawn by a prominent Isaac artist Orighost! This Dogma pack comes with three on-theme Four Souls cards: Christian Broadcasts, Static and Dogma v2! This pack will also come with a holographic sticker of the shirt design."

June: Rainbow Blight (art by @ahoyvisualart)

"It's time to get cute! This Rainbow Blight shirt designed by Ahoy celebrates all the cutest and coolest items in Isaac! How many can you name? This pride-full package includes three fabulous Four Souls cards that will make your friends gag: 3 Dollar Bill, Glitter Bombs and My Little Unicorn! This box will also include a sticker sheet featuring art from all of the most colorful Four Souls cards!"

July: The Horsemen! (art by Jimbo Phillips)

"The Four Horsemen are finally here just in time to celebrate summer! This retro shirt design was done by the iconic surf/skate illustrator Jimbo Phillips, you don't need big muscles to attract babes or hunks at the beach anymore! This box comes with the usual sticker based on the shirt's image as well as three on-theme Four Souls cards: Cube of Meat, Cube of Meat and Cube of Meat!"

Shirt art for May, July, and June

Starting in August, the themes and contents of the bundles will remain a mystery until the start of that month, but Maestro promises more great The Binding of Isaac art from McMillen and other artists such as Tom Bunk, Daniel Shaw, Jimbo Phillips, Angela Ho, Sr Pelo, and more.

The Unboxing of Isaac can be purchased in three different ways. 

  • One-time purchase: $35
  • Monthly recurring payment: $30
  • Yearly payment: $350 *only available through the end of April (adds one free box on the 13th month) 

If you're looking for a monthly dose of new The Binding of Isaac merch in your life, you can sign up at right now.