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Poor Mordin. Mass Effect Suicide Mission Survival Rates Revealed

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 20, 2021 at 11:15 AM

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Mass Effect 2's final moments carry the potential for death. Commander Shepard is tasked to lead a team on a suicide mission, and the choices made during it could lead to a beloved teammate losing their life. This mission can be completed without any losses (a strategy we detail in a handy flowchart), but most players lose one or two characters two during their first playthrough.

Many of you took on this mission for the first time in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Following the game's release, Electronic Arts and BioWare collected player data from this mission and have revealed the survival rate for each squad member.  This info is a small part of Electronic Arts' extensive, numbers-filled year-in-review.

As the numbers show, the fan-favorite Garrus often lived to see another day, making it through the suicide mission in 98 percent of players' attempts. The loveable singer Mordin died the most, surviving in just 90 percent of players' games. You can see all of the survival rates in the image below:

Electronic Arts' also revealed the most liked squadmates from the Legendary Edition, and they are not who you would think. Garrus is third on that list, trailing Kaidan and Ashley, as one and two. A quarter of players also apparently didn't have the time to change the name of their Commander Shepard, which defaults to John/Jane. The numbers show 23 percent of players played the game under one of these names.

If you still haven't played through the Mass Effect trilogy, there's no better way to do it than through Legendary Edition. Kimberley Wallace gave this collection a review score of 9 out of 10, and said: "Even all these years later, Commander Shepard is a powerful force that lives up to their iconic status, and the trilogy is still captivating and worth your time."

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