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BioWare Adds New Mordin Statue To Its Store To Celebrate Mass Effect Legendary Edition

by Liana Ruppert on Sep 07, 2021 at 10:20 AM

Everyone's favorite model scientist Salarian returns once more as a nifty new collectible. That's right, Mordin is back, baby, and brings with him all of the feels attached to this precious badass Salarian. Much like BioWare did with its similar Liara and Garrus statues, the latest collectible is limited to a set amount of units, so if you want one? Pre-orders are now live. 

Limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide, the highly detailed Mordin collectible comes in at just over 8 inches tall and brings with him all of the conflicts we know from Mass Effect 2 and 3. The "conflicted consequentialist" was a powerful addition to the Mass Effect trilogy after first being introduced in the second game as a needed resource in the fight against the Collectors. The STG agent-turned-clinic doctor may be a part of a species with a short lifespan, but his life was filled with brilliant research, catastrophic mistakes, and a heartbreakingly beautiful path of atonement. Now, we can celebrate the iconic character with a penchant for musicals with another collectible tribute, one that doesn't require you to blow up a Krogran infrastructure to enjoy. 

The latest collectible of Mordin features him with an M-6 Carnifex pistol, a callback to the “bonus” he gave you “in good faith” when you first met him. He's also seen donning a familiar authoritative expression, something that Commander Shepard is intimately familiar with regarding their crewmate. 

For those interested in scooping up this cute little tribute, the latest Mordin statue is available to pre-order right here for $115. While no exact release date is offered at this time, he is expected to ship out in early January 2022. 

Are you going to be scooping up Mordin to add to your collection? What were your thoughts on his character arc throughout the trilogy? Shout out with your thoughts in the comment section below; we'd love to hear what you think! 

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