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Five Helpful Tips For Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin

by John Carson on Jul 09, 2021 at 03:46 PM

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is one of the most accessible entries in the franchise. However, there are still some tricks I learned while reviewing the game which might help those just starting. For those starting their journeys fresh, here are five helpful tips for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Gearing Up Is Just As Important As Leveling Up

Like in the main Monster Hunter series, you’re going to be crafting gear and weapons to make fighting bigger and stronger monsters an easier process. You’ll automatically collect parts from enemies you defeat, but make sure to break parts of the beasts while in combat to get even more useful materials. Upgrading your stylish duds and weaponry will require more components, sometimes from different monsters than what you’ve used to build the set. Fight as many different types of enemies as possible to have what you need in hand when it’s time to strengthen your gear.

Certain Quests In Towns Can Give Your Weapons New Skills

Trips to town usually require a visit to the old quest board to turn in your completed jobs and pick up new ones. While there, take a minute to look around and you’ll discover villagers looking for some personal assistance. Accepting these quests can reward you with Skill Scrolls, which grant your weapons additional abilities in battle. They’ll only work for specific weapon types and they’re available as long as you have them in your item pouch, no extra steps of equipping or using the item are necessary. Having more skills at your fingertips is extra nice when you’re finding ways to survive or finish off a monster.

Shop At The Black Cat Market

While in town, also take a glance at the wares of Melynx Inc, a Feyline store found in most of the hub towns. These cats are stocking some great items such as stable blueprints which increase the amount of Monsties you can store in your stables. Also in stock are great Feyline themed weapons and armor along with a bevy of armor sets and weapons not available from crafting. Melynx Inc only makes accepts payment in the form of bottle caps which are mostly found within monster dens. Keep your eyes peeled for treasure chests filled with caps while trying to swipe a new Monstie egg from its nest.

Take Some More Time To Build Up The Kinship Gauge

Once mounting your Monstie in battle, it’s easy to forget you don’t have to activate your Kinship Skills immediately. I know the animations are very cool, and should be watched in their entirety every time, if you happen to see an enemy monster is targeting your attack stack, go ahead and make the appropriate normal attack. By doing this, you’ll still be riding your favorite Monstie, but also you’ve built up the Kinship gauge even more. Continuing to do make regular attacks will continue the build, leveling the skill up to a powerful level 2 or 3 attack. As an extra pro strat, time your powered-up super attack for when your battle buddy has theirs as well for a killer combination.

Fast Travel Can Be Faster Than You Think

Maybe the biggest quality of life lesson I learned way too far into my Stories playthrough was fast travel. Let me explain; I knew a form of fast travel existed by finding and using Catavans, of which I used all the time. These services allow you to save in the field and can transport you to whatever towns or other Catavans you have previously visited. What I didn’t know for over twenty hours was that travel feature is accessible from within your map screen. Selecting the Catavan post of our choosing in this menu will warp you there in an instant, very handy for tracking down specific monsters to fight and a massive time save.

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