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Rocket League Brings Back Knight Rider Car Today

by Jason Guisao on Jul 08, 2021 at 05:14 PM

Remember the Knight Rider Car Pack that dropped a little over a year ago? Guess what: it’s back...well, the vehicle at least! Now, you can relive your inner David Hasselhoff fantasies while taking to the arena against unsuspecting opponents. The famous KITT vehicle is a customized Pontiac Trans Am, and in-game, you’ll spot the midnight-black paint job and flashing red siren lights to boot. Unfortunately KITT’s arch-nemesis KARR is nowhere to be found, but that would still be a pretty cool addition (hopefully someone over at Psyonix sees this article!). You can get a good look at KITT in the Twitter post below as well as its apparent in-game price that someone kindly threw up in the comments. 

In any case, Rocket League has always been well-known for its many events. Last month, Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Charger, the Nissan Skyline, and the Pontiac Fiero roared into the stadium with Rocket League’s Fast and Furious event. Additionally, a Super Bowl-inspired spectacle took place at the start of the year. Despite being around for a long time, Rocket League continues to have a dedicated player base because of the high number of rotating content. 

Editor in Chief Andrew Reiner loves Rocket League, and dubbed it the right game for right now (as in, during the quarantine):

“I don’t know how long we’ll stick with Rocket League, but it’s the right game for right now, and is a unique ray of light in the violence-filled competitive landscape. Matches are fast, matchmaking has been great for pairing skill levels, and learning how to fly in a car has been an incredible experience. Last week, I talked about how the pandemic is changing my gaming tastes and habits – mostly in moving away from stressful experiences for more lighthearted entertainment. Rocket League fits that bill perfectly."

Are you going to nab the KITT skin immediately or do you already own it? Are there any crossovers that you want to see next? Throw down those takes in the comments section.

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