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Dying Light 2 Information Arriving Later This Week

by Brian Shea on May 25, 2021 at 09:00 AM

Dying Light 2 has been one of our most anticipated games ever since we saw it in action in 2019. Unfortunately, following a delay in early 2020, the information has been reduced to a drip, and fans have wondered if the project was in peril. Thankfully, developer Techland has been more communicative in recent months, and now, the Polish studio appears to be teasing an even bigger drop of information later this week.

The teaser video (above) shows a wall with the words "Are You Dying 2 Know More?" followed by a tease for a stream happening on the official Techland Twitch channel. According to the video, we'll be able to learn more about Dying Light 2 on Thursday, May 27 at 12 p.m. Pacific / 3 p.m. Eastern. No additional information was provided by Techland at this time aside from a cryptic message in a PR email.

Remember Harran? Who could forget...
But The City is our refuge now, and it needs your help.
There's so much for you to know, and so little time, but these clues can't fall into the wrong hands.
Find somewhere safe and play this message. You're our last change for survival.
Above all...
Stay Human.

I was blown away by Dying Light 2 when I saw it in action at E3 2019. The action, the scope, and the world all impressed me, but I was perhaps most wowed by the ambition of how the studio is implementing choice and consequence into the narrative and game at large. Hopefully this new look on Thursday will give us more insight into all of those elements and maybe even an idea of when we can expect to play it.

Dying Light 2 was originally scheduled to launch in 2020, but not far into the year, it was delayed, with the studio saying it needed time to completely fulfill its vision. Following that, the studio largely went dark, delivering only small updates until the flow of information resumed recently. While the first game was a great twist on the open-world zombie genre, Dying Light 2 looks to bring the series and the genre to new levels.

Dying Light 2 does not currently have a release date. If you'd like to see a version of the demo that impressed us at E3 2019, you can get a look at the 26-minute video here.

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