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New Resident Evil Village Promo Art Reveals A New Masked Figure

by Liana Ruppert on Apr 02, 2021 at 09:53 AM

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Resident Evil Village is very much still a mystery, and we love Capcom for it. That being said, who is this mysterious masked figure that recently popped up in new promotional artwork for the latest game? 

Twitter account @BIOHAZARDcast, an account that has shared numerous accurate information in the past regarding the Resident Evil franchise, recently shared new promotional art spotted in Japan. Ethan Winters is once more spotted alongside Chris Redfield and Rose, but another new face (face-ish) has been added into the mix with a Harlequinesque masked figure in the bottom left. 

Resident Evil Village has werewolves; it has vampires; it has a Merchant that looks straight out of Alice in Wonderland; the latest horror game in the Resident Evil franchise is shaping up to be something special. Regarding the context of the latest promotional art, it's unclear who this person is, but Capcom definitely did what they could to cram as much into this image as possible. 

Looking at the above promotional art, you can see Chris Redfield holding Rose, Ethan and Mia's daughter. Since Ethan Winters is a focal point of the newest game, it's not surprising to see him also be a major part of the latest artwork. 

When looking at the masked figure in the bottom left, it could be argued that this may be Mother Miranda. If you remember, Lady Dimitrescu could be previously heard talking to someone with this title in a previous look at Village. The glow in the eye certainly hints that this is someone of a similar lineage to Lady D, but is that a hint at the supernatural or just a cool edited look to make this character stand out? We don't know, but it looks like we could be learning more soon with the upcoming showcase. 

So who do you think this masked figure is in the most recent Resident Evil Village promo art? Any guesses? Sound off in the comment section below with all of those spooky theories. You can also check out the latest PS4 Pro gameplay footage just released right here

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