Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tour Creator Is Available Now, Here's How It Works

by Liana Ruppert on Mar 24, 2021 at 12:17 PM

With the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Earth Day event coming up and even more updates on the way, a new feature has arrived just in time to make celebrating those epic creations even easier. The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tour Creator is available now. It's a neat tool, one that allows for an easier way to share those impressive homesteads. For those interested, here's how it works! 

How the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tour Creator Works

After one year post-launch, your island has got to be looking pretty sweet right about now, so why not show it off. Now it's even easier to do just that with the new Island Tour Creator. It's a limited-time web service that will be good for this year and makes it easy to upload video and screenshots to help make trailers, posters, and more for your ever-evolving creation. 

To get started, there's one thing you should know first. While the website is available now, it's designed specifically to work on mobile devices. When you boot it up through this link, you're going to need to scan the QR code to gain full access. Once scanned, it will open up in your mobile browser and ask you to select your language. After that, it will ask you to then link your Nintendo account to this service. 

Once you're logged into that, a new screen will populate, and Tom Nook will once again take center stage to walk you through the various features. You can make a poster or a trailer and enter whatever assets you'd like to make it pop. One thing to note is that you'll need to have your screenshots either on your Twitter through account linking or already pre-loaded on your smartphone. Once done, you can port those assets into the template using the Island Tour Creator for a more creative spin. 

The trailer creation tool allows you to use up to three features, including Photo Op, Home, Neighbors, and Fashion. There are nine categories in total; choose your three, upload the associated screenshots, and get craftin'. 

The poster creation tool is a little tricky. Some of my screenshots the program wouldn't recognize as coming from my Switch, so that's something to be aware of. Overall though, it's a nifty tool, especially given how many people have put their own creative spins on the Animal Crossing world with clever edits using their footage. 

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