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Bungie's Original Halo Site Goes Offline Next Month For Good

by Liana Ruppert on Jan 15, 2021 at 11:50 AM

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It's the end of an era. Bungie first brought the Halo vision to life, laying the groundwork for an iconic Xbox staple that has continued to evolve long after it moved into the hands of 343 Industries. While Bungie hasn't been involved in years with the series, the original Halo website has continued to be a resource for fans by housing stats, player data, community screenshots, and so much more. Now, it's going away for good. 

In a recent blog post made by the team at Bungie, it was confirmed that is going offline next month, taking with it more than just a domain name. All stats, files, and other community-driven data from Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach will be going dark. 

"Everyone is welcome to save their stats and files, however they can, if you'd like to say anything," reads the latest blog post. The site is set to go offline on February 9, which is the cutoff for saving anything that Halo fans are looking to treasure. 

As a massive fan of Halo myself, the news is not unexpected but still hurts. Years of scouring the forums, sharing hilarious screenshots, and even spinning off into comedic Red vs. Blue role-playing gave me some solid memories through the years. While those good times will always live on in my heart, it's a sad day to learn that the source of many of them will be going away forever. 

The shutdown notice also comes as no surprise due to the company's focus on Destiny 2, especially with a number of new expansions still on the way. With Beyond Light undergoing massive changes with each new Season, Bungie's focus is better served being zeroed in on its current IP. 

What do you think about the original Halo site going dark? What are some of your fondest memories from that time? Sound off with those Master Chief-inspired takes in the comment section below! We can cry together...

[Source: Bungie]

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