PlayStation App Updated For Remote Game Storage Management And More

by Daniel Tack on Oct 28, 2020 at 03:40 PM

Can't wait for that PlayStation 5? You can get ready with the updated PlayStation App, which is expected to hit iOS and Android today. The app has a fresh look, allows for voice chat with friends, a smattering of social features, and more. However, probably the biggest hook of the updated app is the ability to remotely manage your software. You can buy games and start those hefty downloads before you get home, which will hopefully make life a lot easier on big release days.

Getting everything convenient and easy to use under one unified app is nice, but there are some potential pitfalls in our consolidated future as well. You may not care that an algorithm may be listening in to you and Uncle Jimmy discuss a fresh cut of pizza over voice chat while planning a Genshin Impact session, but you never know how things could turn out... In the meantime, update your app and get ready to download all kinds of fun stuff!

Check out the new features video below for a full look at what you can do in the PlayStation App, or go read more on the app here.