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The Dark Harvest Has Begun In Dauntless

by Daniel Tack on Oct 27, 2020 at 12:10 PM

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It's that time of year when things get creepy and crawly in Dauntless, so arm yourselves and get out there for some Dark Harvest action. The action has already begun in earnest, but the real action with special hunts begins on Thursday, October 29. Until then, you can earn special rewards from Shrowd effigies, find mysterious portals, and scoop up limited-time cosmetics via currency earned during the event. ]

As always, you can take on the various creatures in Dauntless by yourself, with friends, or with random players. Events continuously challenge you and force you to upgrade your arsenal. Master a weapon? Grab a new one and check out a new skillset, from repeating pistols to flashy fists. The main hub town of Ramsgate has recently received a renovation that makes finding what you need and diving into progression tracks much easier.

Some of the event costumes definitely appear inspired by another game that features hunts and hunters, so if you find yourself craving some insight you can get yourself a spiffy new outfit. Halloween events are happening in a ton of games right now, check out our big list here!


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