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2020 Halloween Gaming Events To Enjoy This Month

by Liana Ruppert on Oct 21, 2020 at 02:41 PM

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It's October, which means fun Halloween gaming events to enjoy. From shooters like Call of Duty and Overwatch to more niche games like a/review/among-us/among-us-review-better-late-than-never and Pokemon GO; here are some of the biggest gaming events to enjoy for Halloween 2020. 

Borderlands 3 | Bloody Harvest 

The Bloody Harvest event is back for Borderlands 3 players, but don't expect too much to be different from last year's event. Meet up with Maurice in Sanctuary III, get as much Hecktoplasm as you can get your hands on, and kill Captain Haunt in Heck (yes, Heck). Just like last time, there will be specific challenges to complete to unlock timed-loot. Another bright side to this year's event is that Gearbox listened to fans, and made the necessary adjustments to make the challenges more of an enjoyable experience and less of a grind. 

This event is available now and runs until November 5. 


Overwatch | Halloween Terror

Junkenstein's Revenge returns with three weeks of tasks to complete to earn exclusive new skins for select heroes while also getting a chance to unlock previous years' cosmetics. Whether you want to just play Arcade or QuickPlay for the weekly drops or want to take part in the various Junkenstein's Revenge modes, the annual Halloween event returns with not much different, but at least the skins look dope. 

This event is available now and runs until November 3. 


Destiny 2 | Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost is nothing new but it is my personal favorite out of all of the Destiny 2 events. With Halloween-themed rewards and new activities, it's a fun reason to dive in and celebrate all things spooky while doing the normal grind. 

Missed out on last year's event? No worries, you can still unlock the older masks repping some of our favorite faces in-game while also earning new designs as well. For those that want more weapons, the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story are both making their triumphant return as well, though with updated perks. 

It is in the Haunted Forest that players must make their way through hordes of nightmares for a chance at sweet, sweet Halloween-themed gear and cosmetics. Another thing to note? If you have friends that play, you will want to group with them for communication. The Haunted Forest is procedurally generated with various branches of the forest itself to clear of nightmares. The more areas cleared means better rewards, so sync up with fellow guardians you can talk to in order to take more tactical approach at the treat portion of in-game trick-or-treating. 

This event is available now and runs until November 3. 


Among Us 

While no new maps, the returning indie Among Us did add some festive Halloween cosmetic items, for free, while also adding spooky decorations to the in-game areas. Unlike the other Halloween events, this doesn't really have an end time and seems to really just be a cosmetic addition above all else. 


Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

New recipes and new decorations are available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Switch players for new ways to perfect that island of your dreams. Collectible recipes are hidden all over as well as new ways to add personal flair with new eye colors and face pains. 

You can also buy candy from Nook's Cranny to give out to the various villagers in your island for special access to certain themed recipes, as well as tell-tale Halloween additions seen with certain villager appearances. 

This event is available now and runs until October 31. 


Team Fortress 2 | Scream Fortress XII

Team Fortress 2 is the gift that keeps on giving no matter how long it has been out. With its 13th annual event, Scream Fortress is back with the new Megalo, Bloodwater, Hassle Castle, and Moldergrove maps as well as new themed cosmetic items to unlock. 

Soul Gargoyles are also back with specific tasks for you to take on while playing the game, which is a perfect excuse to jump back into this Valve favorite. 

This event is available now and runs until November 7. 


World of Warcraft | Hallow's End

The annual WoW Halloween event is back for everybody's chance to earn that mount once more. With the pre-patch for Shadowlands out and the adjustment period beginning, an old favorite is returning with Hallow's End. 

Trick or treat, confront the Headless Horseman; the usual. With numerous costume sets to earn with Tricky Treats and new pets on the line, there are a few good reasons to jump in! 

This event is available now and runs until November 1. 


Guild Wars 2 | Shadow of the Mad King

Halloween invades Tyria once more with the Mad Realm as we try, and fail, to escape the Labyrinthine Horror. Massive jumping puzzles from the Mad King, the return of Lunatic Inquisition, and more are back in the MMORPG from ArenaNet. 

Personally, I love this event. It's the only time each year that I'll load up my toon and dive back into Guild Wars. After the event rolls, I'm back on that Destiny 2 grind. 

This event is available now and runs until November 3.


Apex Legends | Fight or Fright Event

"Just in time for Halloween, we're returning to the spooky, alternate dimension where Revenant runs the Apex Games<" reads the latest blog post about the new mode. "Shadow Royale starts like any other trios match, but when you die you will be raised from the dead in a powerful "Shadow Form" to exact vengeance on your killers and help carry your squad to victory. Armed with a brutal melee attack, enhanced mobility and blistering speed, you will terrorize other squads and protect your own with infinite Shadow lives until your living teammates are eliminated or you emerge victorious as the last living squad."

And let's not forget the most important thing about this event: it's bringing back wallrunning from Titanfall. Whether this mechanic will be added as a permanent addition down the line remains to be seen, but Shadows having this ability at least means we can enjoy for a small amount of time. Anything for Halloween! 

This event starts on October 22 and runs until November 3. 


Pokemon GO 

Players will be tasked with catching a variety of Ghost-type Pokemon while also getting an exclusive costumed Gengar and Sableye. The spawn rate of ghost types will increase exponentially for this specific event.

To get the themed Gengar, you'll need to participate in Pokemon GO raids. For the Sableye with the cute little Litwick hat, they will be found just by playing the game organically out in the wild. Or, you can just hatch a bunch of eggs.

There will be Pokemon GO Special Research for this Halloween event called A Spooky Message Unmasked once more. This is where you'll be able to get your hands on the Galarian Yamask by helping out Professor Willow during his investigations. Players will also be given the opportunity to nab a Spiritbomb as an added treat, with a Shiny version also available. 

This event starts on October 23 and runs until November 3. 


Fortnite | Fortnitemares

Fortnitemares will feature Midas' Revenge this year with Vanquish challenges to liven up that undead lifestyle a bit. Take a ride over to Ghoulish Isles, join up for a Halloween party, or follow in the footsteps of Shadow Midas and his henchman to haunt all of your foes in-game. 

Nitemare Royale is also a second shot at victory. Once eliminated in Battle Royale, you'll be able to take out survivors as a Shadow with special otherworldly abilities. 

This event goes live on October 21 and runs until November 3. 


Call of Duty: Warzone | The Haunting of Verdansk

The Haunting of Verdansk event brings both Jigsaw from the Saw movies and Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre into the fold while also offering a ton of other Halloween-themed cosmetic items to unlock

“As Halloween draws near, a squad of operators drops in for what seems to be a normal infiltration into Verdansk, though there’s been back-channel chatter about some unexplained and odd occurrences across the remote areas of the map," reads the latest blog post about the seasonal event. "Operators have been briefed about reports concerning a serial killer who wears his victim’s faces on his own. There’s scattered intel about strange sounds emanating from various locations within the warzone; and not least the piercing, creepy laugher of a ventriloquist doll.

“It isn’t long before hell breaks loose: One by one, the squad is brutally picked off until there is just one survivor, who after a confrontation with Verdansk’s own urban legend, vows to return under the cover of night and avenge his brothers in arms.”

This event is available now and runs until November 3. 


Dead by Daylight | The Eternal Blight 

The Entity's Realm gets even more macabre with themed hooks and generators alike to bring in that Halloween spirit. The returning event brings back Pustula Flowers to the Fog with special themed loot for you to earn and love. 

New Halloween-themed challenges are here in Tome V: Unleashed with more ways to harvest Pustula Flowers for specific rewards while uncovering a spooky new story. The first universal killer add-on is also available with Blighted Serum, which is available to all Killer through the Bloood web. 

This event is available now and runs until November 4. 


Killing Floor 2 | Infernal Insurrection

Halloween-themed Zeds, more loot, new weapons, an d a brand new King's Cross railway-inspired map? Say it ain't so. The gates of Hell slipped back open once more for a new map called Hellmark Station. Inspired by the King's Cross railway station, demonic Zed are ready to tear you limb from limb if you don't get to them first. 

New HRG weapons are also available with the Scorcher and Arc Generator in addition to a plethora of themed cosmetics to earn.

This event is available now until November 10. 

More Halloween gaming events are on the way that have yet to be announced. We'll update this list as soon as those become available! Feel free to drop any that we may have missed in the comment section below, or just rave about which one you're excited for the most. 

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