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Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Raids Offer Magic, Strategy, And The Potential For Perfect Trolling

by Liana Ruppert on Oct 16, 2020 at 02:01 AM

Ghost of Tsushima was an incredibly harrowing samurai tale that PlayStation 4 players fell in love with. Now, a new experience arrives with Legends, bringing with it exciting new content and ways to become one with the ways of the ghost. Legends is the first major content drop for the Sucker Punch tale and it comes bringing with it New Game+ and several memorable co-op experiences. One of the newest features on the way is that of raids and this addition is unforgiving, detailed, and offers the perfect chance to troll your fellow player. 

We sat down with Ghost of Tsushima's creative director Nate Fox alongside senior staff designer Darren Bridges to talk a little more about the Legends update, but it is when the topic of raids comes up that we realize how much fun this addition can potentially be. 

Like many other co-op games that offer a raid feature, there will be challenges galore. Complex puzzles, specific mechanics, and a persistent demand for teamwork will all be readily available. Like many raids, teamwork is key. This isn't a run and slash co-op mission, this is a lengthy experience that requires communication, dedication, and expert use of skill. 

"The raid is where we crank the dial up to 11," Bridges tells us. "You have to come to the raid with a team of four players, you have to have four players to complete it. Players have to work together, it's not an option. When you're in the raid, you'll need to coordinate very carefully. You can't just all go do your own thing, you have to work together as a team."

With added mechanics like complicated puzzles, that teamwork will be crucial, especially when dealing with changing modifiers that up the challenge level. If a team of four isn't coordinated, the overall raid can be a complete disaster. "This raid is designed to really test you in every single way." 

When taking to the various co-op experiences in Legends, including the raid, players will take on various roles, which allows for a more tailored experience. It also allows for players to goof off, crack down, or just overall find a new way to feel what Tsushima is meant to offer. 

When speaking with both Bridges and Fox, I joke about how I'm always the sort of "wild card" in raids, especially in games like Destiny 2, with how I like to mess with my squad. Pushing them off of cliffs, emoting in their faces; I'm all for it. When discussing the various ways that a raid can go hilariously wrong, the senior designer laughS and says that there are definitely opportunities for players to troll one another in an otherwise super serious instance. 

"With great power comes great responsibility," Bridges jokes. "We knew the moment we said to our players 'Look, this requires everyone to be working together,' that just means that it's more freedom for someone to mess up their friends. With the raid, we put everyone's life in your hands, in everyone's hands, so don't go in with someone you don't trust." 

Fox jokingly adds, "You've taught that lesson to me many times, Darren."

Whether playing to be the best of the best, or just using the raid as a good chance to bond with pals, this is just one of the many features that makes Ghost of Tsushima: Legends an incredible addition to an already phenomenal experience. 

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