Among Us Crosses Over With Minecraft, Final Fantasy, And More In Fan Video

by Liana Ruppert on Oct 05, 2020 at 11:47 AM

Among Us may be two years old, but last September it truly had a chance to shine in the spotlight thanks to streamers and their visibility and the other adorable jelly bean game as seen in Fall Guys. With the popularity comes fan art, mods, and now a pretty stellar video made by one fan to blend Among Us with other major games in the community. 

In our review, we talked about how these adorably weird jelly bean astronauts assume the role of the Imposter as they take on different forms to kill crewmates in an effort to be the last bean standing. In this video, those imposters are parading as icons from different games, and it's more than perfect.

From Yoshi's saga to taking an L Aerith style from Final Fantasy VII - even Overwatch kills, the below fan-made video recreates some of the more epic deaths in gaming in true Among Us style: 

Personally, Cloud taking the jelly bean astronaut out is my favorite, but there are quite a few game kills featured in the above video. Fortnite sniping, Minecraft takedowns, even Dark Souls-inspired wins. Gamers are cool as heck sometimes and fan creations like this are an awesome way to pay tribute to the games we're enjoying so much. 

Among Us 2 was originally in development, but the team decided to hold off on a sequel in favor of building upon the current game now that it has amassed immense popularity. With more stages, even more meme-inspired cosmetics, and more on the way, Among Us has an interesting path of growth ahead alongside games like Fall Guys. 

What was your favorite kill style in the above Among Us fan video? Should out your picks in the comment section below and tell us what you think! 

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