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Okami Invades Teppen With New 'The Tale Of Amatsu No Kuni' Expansion

by Liana Ruppert on Oct 01, 2020 at 11:55 AM

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Kneel before the Goddess of the Sun, because Okami is officially invading the world of Teppen with the new The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni expansion that is available now. 

The newest DLC for Teppen introcudes new Okami-inspired cards, abilities, skins, tribues, and the arrival of Amaterasu herself. Check out what's new in the reveal trailer below: 

The Sengoku Basara and Okami series are both now fully reflected in the world of Teppen featuring notable characters from both franchises, including: 

  • Wood Sprite Sakuya 
  • The Sun Goddess herself, Amaterasu 
  • Divine Spear Yukimura
  • Oshu Lord Date Masamune

The arrival of two new tribes also comes with the new expansion with Kami and Spirit, in addition to the newest ability to join the fray: Crush. Crush allows players to harness their inner Goddess in order to dole out massive amounts of damage while deflecting counter damage. 

The Celestal Plains is bountiful and offers three new Hero Arts: 

  • Great Divine Intervention grants +2 HP to all friendly units and 3 damage to all enemy units. Using her powers as a protector deity, any enemy units that are destroyed will not trigger Death abilities, and will be removed from the game
  • Thunder Edge gives <Agility> and +1 Attack to a friendly unit
  • Celestial Envoy’s Miracle gives +1 Attack to all friendly Red units to aid you in your fight to free the lands from evil’s hold

Like all things, peace can't last forever as the wrathful serpent god Orochi returns alongside the villainous king, Nobunaga Oda. As the world is once again enveloped by darkness, Amaterasu answers the prayers of the people while summoning other spears of light to beat back these foes. 

The latest expansion is a wonderful addition to the world of Teppen, blending two series that have been held in high regard in the gaming community for quite some time. 

Are you excited to get some more Okami action with the latest Teppen expansion? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below about what's new! 

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