The Last Of Us Part II GIFs Let You React To Any Online Situation

by Joe Juba on Sep 28, 2020 at 02:07 PM

Why say something with words when you can say it with images instead? And why use images that don't feature characters from The Last of Us Part II? If you find yourself asking questions like these, then you will be delighted by this collection of pictures shared by Naughty Dog. It features an array of ubiquitous reaction GIFs, except all the usual folks are replaced by familiar faces from the game like Ellie, Joel, Dina, and more. 

The album is part of the studio's celebration of The Last of Us Day (formerly known as Outbreak Day). The holiday falls on September 26 – the day of the outbreak in the The Last of Us universe. Some images in the collection have been making the rounds for a few months, but it's nice to see them all officially together in one place. 

In the real world, we don't need to worry about becoming weird fungus zombies. Instead, we just get to enjoy Naughty Dog's funny pictures, along with other bits of celebration like a special piece of art from Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding art director Yoji Shinkawa. Fans can also enjoy more The Last of Us Part II goodies, like a dynamic PS4 theme and a cosplay guide for dressing up as Abby.

If you want more on The Last of Us Part II, watch our spoiler-filled discussion where we dissect the game for almost a full 90 minutes.

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