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Hack Or Fight Your Way Through New Platformer For PS5, Recompile

by Kimberley Wallace on Jul 01, 2020 at 04:40 PM

Sony gave us another delightful indie reveal today for its PlayStation Indies initiative. Recompile has you exploring a digital landscape, either hacking or fighting to get by, all in the name of avoiding deletion. 

Phi Dinh, co-founder, programmer, and game designer at Phigames, answered some questions about the game on the PlayStation Blog. "You’ll play as a sentient virus, trying to escape deletion as you infiltrate the digital, virtual world of The Mainframe in an effort to achieve sapience and bring about the first technological singularity. Humankind depends on it, but how you accomplish this goal will be up to you," he wrote. 

A new trailer today revealed the game for PS5, showcasing the platforming, third-person combat, and environmental hacking puzzles. You can go guns blazing, hack security systems for distractions, or even turn enemies against each other with your hacking powers. The environment is also hackable to get past locked doors or disable complex machinery. But just remember, how you play will affect the A.I. you create. 

"As you may have guessed, the game is all about creating the first self-aware Artificial Intelligence," Dinh wrote. "The question is, what kind of A.I. will be created? The answer depends entirely on you, your play style, and how you decide to resolve certain narrative situations. Beat the game with destructive weaponry and an aggressive playstyle, and you’ll end up creating a similarly violent antagonist. You can imagine what kind of fate this kind of intelligence will have on the future of humanity."

To see more of what's in store, check out the trailer below.

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