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Furi Creators Bringing Co-Op RPG Haven To PS5, PS4

by Matthew Kato on Jul 01, 2020 at 04:56 PM

Developers The Game Bakers are taking a different approach for Haven compared to the studio's last title, action game Furi. Haven is designed as a simpler, less-frantic PS5/PS4 co-op action/RPG.

Creative director Emeric Thoa says he was inspired by the game Flower and its chill gameplay. Although Haven has standard elements like crafting, different approaches to combat, and much more, the aim was to make things as simple and un-confusing as possible, doing away with complex skill trees, crafting systems, and UI overload.

Instead, Haven wants you to focus on controlling Yu and Kay as they explore the world – including enabling seamless drop-in co-op – and becoming invested in the couple's story.

Haven was announced as part of Sony's PlayStation Indies initiative, but does not yet have a release date for either version.

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