New Frontier Pursuit, Moonshiners, Releases Today For Red Dead Redemption 2

    by Nick Straub on Dec 13, 2019 at 11:38 AM

    Rockstar has released Moonshiners; a new frontier pursuit for the enterprising spirit, it allows players to start their own bootlegging business.

    To unlock the pursuit, players must reach Rank 5 in Trader progression. In the game, Cripps will introduce fledging booze peddles to Maggie Fike, a bootlegger with experience running around at Emeralds Ranch. From there, players will work with Maggie to build their business and get revenge on those that wronged her in a series of story missions.

    As players progress through the story, their unassuming Moonshining Shack transforms into a full operation, replete with a fully customizable speakeasy and the option for a country music band to entertain guests.

    Aside from the Moonshining business, this update adds Outlaw Pass No. 2, the Navy Revolver, new clothing options, and an increase in wardrobe size.

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