Play Super Mario Maker 2 Levels Created By The Game Informer Editors

by Brian Shea on Jul 06, 2019 at 04:00 PM

Super Mario Maker 2 has now been out for a little bit, and we like it a lot. With multiple editors diving into the creation tools, we decided to gather a collection of courses created by our staff in one handy article. This way, if you want to see what we've come up with, you can easily find the stages by entering the nine-digit codes into Course World.

We'll continue updating this list as we make more levels, and potentially more editors jump into the creation tools, so be sure to check back on a regular basis to find more levels to play from the Game Informer staff!

Brian Shea

  • Collective Castle - Q16-LF5-2NF
  • The Paths We Choose - M6C-73V-Y5G
  • Subterranean Desert - 3J0-9Hk-NWG
  • Super Obstacle Kart - X0V-MS8-XRG
  • Switch and Sand - 1BS-S09-WSF
  • You Better Hurry! - 0SC-VXS-8VG

Imran Khan

  • Don't Lose The Race - WSL-CPV-G1G
  • Mario Hunter World - 421-1M4-2GG
  • Moon's Haunted - CLC-9S1-Q7G
  • Pipin' Hot - SV6-DKV-FFF

Javy Gwaltney

  • Hotline Mario Act 1 - 1ML-TW0-4MG
  • Hotline Mario Act 2 - MQP-6LD-8PF
  • Hotline Mario Act 3 - RQN-XH9-G0G
  • Hotline Mario Act 4 - TCX- RFD-B2H
  • Maze of the Sun Lord - 9Y3-DRF-NDF

If you're still playing Super Mario Maker on Wii U, you can check out some levels from the current and former editors by reading this list.

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