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Play Super Mario Maker Levels Created By The Game Informer Editors

by Brian Shea on Oct 19, 2015 at 02:51 PM

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The Game Informer editorial staff has been playing a ton of Super Mario Maker since it launched on September 11. While we've been posting our codes on our social media accounts, we wanted to give our community a single place they could go to find our levels.

To search for these courses, you must first be in Super Mario Maker's Course World. From there, find the magnifying glass under "Courses" and then enter the 16-digit code for the level you want to play.

This list will be continually updated as more editors begin feeling confident enough to publish their stages and share them with the world, so be sure to bookmark this page! In the meantime, check out the stages the editors have already published and let everyone know which ones are your favorites in the comments section!

Tim Turi

  • Pipe Gripe: 181B-0000-0013-0026
  • Blimey! Spiny!: 9577-0000-0024-2DA1
  • Cheap Cheep Cheep (Also Spikes): 8F53-0000-0034-4AEB 
  • Yoshi Overcomes Castle-phobia: B3A1-0000-00B0-5685

Brian Shea

  • Magikoopa's Castle: 371E-0000-0028-ACAE
  • Infestation: A7E2-0000-0028-4B6F
  • Airborne: A922-0000-0028-0508
  • Third's The Charm: F3E3-0000-0025-1ADB
  • Diverging Paths: C64F-0000-0024-A104
  • Airship Ascent: DA32-0000-0024-6E41
  • Gotta Go Fast!: 68DA-0000-0023-A64B
  • Trapped By Trampolines: 6713-0000-0023-55F4
  • Final Boss Battle: 1263-0000-001B-70A5
  • Endurance Test: CC84-0000-006A-F0C1
  • Cloud Dash: 1626-0000-0048-AF37
  • Wiggler Wednesday: BA78-0000-0073-1A0F
  • Super Mario 2 Tribute: 7228-0000-008A-C819
  • Speedy Castle: DC41-0000-007B-71A4

Jeff Cork

  • Miles 1: 1772-0000-002F-36B4 (Created by Cork's son)
  • long course: 8B87-0000-0048-4732 (Created by Cork's son)

If you'd like to learn more about Super Mario Maker, you can check out Kyle Hilliard's review, or watch us play some early versions of Brian's levels.