Gearbox Teasing Yet Another Game Reveal For PAX

by Imran Khan on Mar 19, 2019 at 02:39 PM

Update: Gearbox has posted another game tease for PAX East. Check out the new tease below.


Original Story:

Gearbox has been teasing for a little while to expect reveals at their PAX East panel at the end of this month, going so far as to tease what looks to be some sort of Borderlands-related announcement, it looks like the developer/publisher is also bringing some other announcements with them to the show.

In a tweet posted today, Gearbox is teasing something a little bit more sci-fi that definitely doesn't look like Borderlands in either genre or style.

As noted, Gearbox is also a publisher as well as a developer, so this is not necessarily something created internally. It could be a project such as We Happy Few or even Homeworld that Gearbox has picked up. The art does seem a bit out of their usual fair, but it would be interesting if they have another project up that's this different.

The Gearbox panel will take place at PAX East on March 28.