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343 Wants People To Stop Sending Them Pizza

by Imran Khan on Mar 12, 2019 at 08:30 PM

Earlier today, the Master Chief Collection got announced for PC, finally bringing a number of heavily-requested titles from the series to the PC. A few days ago, a user on Reddit was so excited about the possibility of the Halo collection on PC, they offered to buy the first responding 343 employee a pizza. Community director at 343 Brian Jarrard, going by the user name ske7ch343, replied with a tease in response asking for pizza. It was a cute thing that no one took all that seriously and no one would have been offended if a pizza didn't get bought.

As a fun joke, fans bought ske7ch343 a pizza after the announcement.

And then...more pizza. 

And even more pizza. Too much pizza.

No seriously this is a lot of pizza.

But for some there is no amount of pizza that is too much.

No but really stop.

If you feel compelled to send a pizza, might I suggest some other places in Redmond that could use pizza or the money that would go to a pizza? That way the food won't go to waste. Then tweet a picture of the order to 343 so they still know you're happy about Master Chief Collection on the PC without murdering them with pizza.

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