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New MLB The Show 19 Trailer Touches 'Em All

by Matthew Kato on Feb 05, 2019 at 10:37 AM

MLB the Show 19 developer San Diego Studios released a new trailer for the March 26 PS4 title, teasing new wrinkles for the game's modes.

Amidst the trailer's quick cuts of heroic baseball moments are sprinkled in some teases of changes to the game's various modes.

For Road to the Show this includes training minigames, inherent player strengths/weaknesses affecting progression through last year's archetypes, a tiered perks tree, selectable in-game dynamic challenges for attribute growth, and more.

Via the developer's livestream schedule, Diamond Dynasty is undergoing a "paradigm shift" that the trailer hints at via Conquest challenges and new legends like Willie Mays. The trailer shows off the ability to play through iconic moments in legendary players' careers – whether this is part of Diamond Dynasty or an entirely separate mode remains to be seen. The livestream schedule lists a "new game mode" called Moments, but the trailer shows that playing through Babe Ruth's career, for instance, earns you Diamond Dynasty XP and stubs. If Moments is entirely distinct, maybe their progression is tied together via the currencies.

San Diego Studio is hyping gameplay such as more player differentiation, situational awareness, and expression of player attributes, as well as changes to the controversial PCI, and general hitting and pitching improvements.

Finally, for franchise mode lovers, contract extensions are listed, but let's hope there's more for this mode.

For more of what we'd like to see – which includes some of what San Diego Studios has revealed in today's trailer – check out the recent Sports Desk column featuring the MLB the Show 19 wishlist.

[Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

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