The Artyom Custom Edition Of Metro Exodus Is Ridiculous

by Javy Gwaltney on Jan 09, 2019 at 09:10 AM

Metro Exodus finally makes its way to the post-apocalyptic countryside next month and boy does 4A Games have something to mark the occasion. The developer and publisher Deep Sliver have manufactured a super rare and frankly amazing looking collector's edition known as The Artyom Edition. It comes in an ammo crate and features props of a number of prominent items in the Metro universe, including a gas mask, working bullet lighter, fully functional Nixie watch, leather map of the game's word, and a Spartan dog tag.

You can watch Dmitry Glukovsky, author of the Metro novels, show off each item right here:

All this stuff looks rad, right? Bad news if you're thinking of putting down cash for one of them: they're not for sale. Deep Silver says there are only 10 in existence, with one of them going to 4A and the remaining nine being the prizes of an upcoming giveaway. Deep Silver says to keep an eye on Metro's website for more information about that giveaway once it's live.

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