AMD Announces New Radeon VII Card To Bring Higher-End Cards A Bit Cheaper

by Imran Khan on Jan 09, 2019 at 03:20 PM

At AMD's Consumer Electronics Show press conference this year, the PC parts company has sharpened its spear for the upcoming graphics card war. In an effort to face off against Nvidia's lauded GTX 2080, AMD has announced the Radeon VII, a consumer-level version of their Vegas 20 card retailing for $699.

While still quite expensive in a vacuum, the new card is AMD trying to chart a middle ground in the GPU market. By trying to take on Nividia's higher end cards, AMD hopes to not only outdo their previous flagship cards by significant margins but also give consumers another option for GPUs. 

A good breakdown of the technical aspects of the GPU can be found at Anandtech.

While it's unlikely this has significant consequences for the next generation of consoles, which have likely already progressed past the chipset decision phase, AMD has stated that they're continuing to partner with Sony and Microsoft and suggested that a "secret sauce" is being used for those consoles. Whatever new tech AMD has been working on has likely found its way into both their generation of cards and the new consoles as well.

Earlier during CES, Nvidia also announced their own budget-conscious GPU.