Tropico 6 Delayed Into March

by Matthew Kato on Jan 08, 2019 at 09:23 AM

You can't build your own sim-empire overnight, and the same applies to making a game like Tropico 6. Today publisher Kalypso Media announced that it is giving developer Limbic more time to incorporate fan feedback into areas such as multiplayer as it moves to a new release date of March 29.

"Over the holidays," reads a blog post from Simon Hellwig, owner and managing director of Kalypso, "I have played Tropico 6 for many hours and really liked what I saw. But, in my humble opinion, it is not enough to like a game – I want to love it! And Tropico 6 is good, but not very good [emphasis Hellwig's], or outstanding. Yet."

Hellwig says the dev team is currently addressing community feedback from the beta, and specifically says that Limbic is also working on improving the game's pathfinding, multiplayer, the overall game economy, and the simulation of the individual Tropicans.

To make this delay up to anyone who pre-ordered the title, Hellwig says Kalypso is giving away the game's first DLC – planned for the second quarter of this year – to pre-order fans for free.

For more on the game, check out Brian's previous preview.

[Source: Kalypso Media]

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