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Fortnite Creative Mode Now Available For Everyone

by Imran Khan on Dec 13, 2018 at 01:45 PM

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Fortnite's Creative mode, the new third pillar of Fortnite focused on letting players create what they want with their own islands, is now available to everyone. When the mode was announced, it went up early for Battle Pass users on December 6, but can now be played by anyone with a Fortnite account (i.e. everyone).

In Creative mode, you create your island, invite friends over to check it out, and set it up for battle arenas. The actual creation part lets you fly around and copy and paste as you see fit, so you're not just relying on regular Fortnite gameplay to build your ideal island.

During The Game Awards last week, Epic revealed The Block, a space within Fortnite Battle Royale where the designers and community members choose the best Creative Mode island to place in the game. Your island could end up being played by millions of people if it's chosen for placement.

Creative mode is now live on all platforms you can play Fortnite on.

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