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Panzer Dragoon I And II Remakes In Development

by Imran Khan on Dec 10, 2018 at 05:05 PM
Panzer Dragoon Orta

Earlier today, Sega and a company named Forever Entertainment announced that they would be co-creating and co-publishing remakes for Sega's Saturn shooter Panzer Dragoon and its sequel Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei. The first game will be made available before the end of 2019, if all things go according to schedule.

Forever Entertainment is a Polish publisher and developer which is known for a large number of games, but most notably the recent Fear Effect: Sedna. The company obtained the license through a Square Enix program that licenses out old IPs to developers that want to do something with them, which they certainly did as you can tell from our review.

The company describes the games as "refreshes" that conform to modern graphical standards, though it is unclear exactly what they mean by either descriptor. 

"The entire Panzer Dragoon series has been repeatedly remade and released on many platforms," Forever Entertainment writes in a press release. "The last re-launch took place in April 2018 on Xbox One, where players can play Panzer Dragoon Orta with a backward compatibility. The new version of the game will be characterized by a completely new graphics compatible with today's standards and several modifications of the game, making it more attractive to modern players, while remaining faithful to the original in terms of story."

Press inquiries to Sega are redirected back to Forever Entertainment, with the Japanese company stating that they are not involved with the title. Forever did not yet respond to our inquiry of how Sega is co-creating the games in that instance.

The two Panzer Dragoon games being remade are both rail shooters made by Yukio Futatsugi, who later went on to make the Xbox One launch title Crimson Dragon. He is currently working on Swery65's pet-based mystery game, The Good Life. The Panzer Dragoon series also birthed the rare and lauded Panzer Dragoon Saga, which sells for over $1000 for mint condition western copies.