Destiny 2's Gambit Getting Nerfed Sleeper Simulant, Higher Exotic Quest Drop Rate

by Suriel Vazquez on Oct 06, 2018 at 12:13 PM

If you've been playing Destiny 2: Forsaken's Gambit mode regularly, you might be frustrated by two particular aspects of it: The overwhelming popularity of a gun called Sleeper Simulant, and the way a particular quest for an exotic weapon has affected how dedicated players are (or aren't) to sticking around for a match. Bungie hopes to alleviate both of those frustrations before the end of the month.

The quest to acquire the exotic hand cannon Malfeasance is tied to the appearance of a mean little thing called an ascendant primeval (pictured above). It spawns randomly at the end of a round of Gambit, and currently has a low spawn rate. This is causing players to quit a match as soon as they see that the primeval they're facing isn't the right one, making matches lopsided for those they leave behind. To address this, Bungie is increasing this particular primeval's spawn rate to the quest drops for those who defeat it more often in an update it expects to drop October 30, making it more common as the Dreaming City's three-week cycle intensifies, more likely to appear overall. To compensate, rewards that aren't tied to the quest for Malfeasance (which are all cosmetic) will now drop randomly after players defeat their first ascendant primeval, but are still guaranteed for the first kill.

On the other hand, players using Sleeper Simulant should become less common after the update. The incredibly powerful weapon will still be able to one-shot players from across the map with relative ease, but ammo drops for the weapon have been halved, from four to two. Conversely, swords are getting twice the ammo they used to, from six to twelve, hopefully making them more viable. Finally, Bungie hopes to fix some of the extended loading times for the mode, and will be re-enabling quitter penalties for the mode once they due, hopefully reducing number of people who quit a match after seeing they're not fighting an ascendant primeval this round.

Bungie also announced the return of the Festival of the Lost, its annual Halloween-themed event. This time around, the event looks to end "with a quest to solve a murder."

As for other improvements and content coming down the pipe, Bungie is deploying a number of smaller fixes across two updates throughout October. For starters, players will be able to more easily track specific lost sectors on the map after clearing them (making quests associated with them easier to manage), add transmat (spawn-in) cosmetic effects to their collections, and earn masterwork cores as part of Spider and scrapper bounties. For the full list of fixes, check out Bungie's full post.

[Source: Bungie]

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