The Culling Is Now Free To Play

by Suriel Vazquez on Sep 15, 2018 at 01:30 PM

Battle Royale series The Culling series has been a strange trajectory this year. After the launch of The Culling 2, players practically revolted against all the changes, which seemed to move away from the idisynchrasies of the original game and more towards an action-oriented experience similar to PUBG. The game was so unpopular the team behind it, Xaviant, decided to "un-release" it in favor of refocusing on the first Culling. Now, anyone can try that original game out for free.

The Culling: Origins (what Xaviant has taken to dubbing its return to supporting the first game) is now a fully free-to-play game, and will rely on cosmetic DLC to support itself. "If you choose to spend real money, you can do so through paid DLC packs or premium currency in the form of Tokens," the developer says on the game's Steam page. "Tokens allow you to buy Cull Crates and exclusive Premium Items. You can earn Cull Crates, which award standard cosmetic items, by simply playing the game. All of these unlocks are cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay."

There are currently two DLC packs on the store page. For those who bought the game before the change there's the "Original Gangster Founder's Pack," which retails for $24.99 and includes the following cosmetic items:

  • 1000 Premium Tokens
  • 10 Cull Crates
  • Men's O.G. Outfit
  • Women's O.G. Outfit
  • Ray of Sunshine Victory Celebration
  • Check My Moves Taunt
  • Gangster Love Culling Card
  • GRL PWR Culling Card
  • Primo Cullinlg Card
  • O.G. Republic Culling Card
  • Original Gangster SMG Skin
  • Piggy Mantracker Skin

 There's also the "FUNC Buster Starter Pack" which, for $5, offers 10 "Cull Crates" (loot boxes) and a skin for the FUNC sledgehammer.

[Source: The Culling On Steam]