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The Xbox Adaptive Controller's Accessibility Starts With The Packaging

by Jacob Geller on Jul 25, 2018 at 11:21 AM

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From day one, Microsoft has stated that its new adaptive controller was being designed with feedback and input from disabled gamers. In a new preview today, the company showed that every element – even the packaging – is created with accessibility in mind. 

In a detailed post on its blog, Microsoft detailed how it rethought packaging to make sure players of all levels of ability would be able to retrieve the controller. This stipulation meant that many of the typical packing methods, including twist ties, plastic wrap, and anything that required scissors, were out of the question.

Instead, the box is made with a series of loops connected to sealing tape that, when pulled, cause the packaging to neatly fall open. It can even be opened exclusively using your mouth; Microsoft says that feedback from the disabled gaming community made them realize steps that required complexities like tearing with teeth could be prohibitively difficult to some. 

We've previously heard what the community thought about the controller itself. It's great that something as silly as packaging won't stop anyone from being able to experience it. 

The Xbox Adaptive Controller releases in September for $99.99