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Gearbox Pokes Fun At Aliens: Colonial Marines AI Bug

by Imran Khan on Jul 17, 2018 at 05:25 PM

A few days ago, it was discovered that fixing a typo in the INI file for Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox's incredibly maligned first-person shooter, actually fixed some of the enemy AI. We tested it. Even after knowing what it does, we were flabbergasted it actually works.

Somehow, someway, a spelling mistake made the game worse. Even more surprising, it wasn't caught until fans managed to find and fix it. Today, Gearbox decided to tweet a job listing that makes a little fun of the problem.

The job listing is for a programming copy editor who has very specific duties.


  • Review all code for typos. Just that.

 Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Enjoys finding typos.

 Required Skills and Experience:

  • Click apply and pass the rigorous questionnaire located on the application."

The questionnaire referred to in the listing consists of a single question and an open text box: "Please respond with the correct spelling: tether or teather."

You can apply for the probably fake job here, but honestly, maybe they should consider someone to actually do it. It's not like this was a problem that happened to some other company.

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