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The Llamas And Burgers From Fortnite Are Invading Our World

by Derek Swinhart on Jul 10, 2018 at 11:34 AM

It seems that the Fortnite weirdness never ends, as photographer Sela Shiloni found our missing Durr Burger in the middle of the California desert. What originally seemed like it could only be the product of photoshop turned out to be very real, and very strange.

Shiloni posted more images and video on twitter, showing more hints as to the possible future of the game in season five. Nothing screams safe like walking up to a giant burger only to see signs that say "This site is unstable. Beware of possible effects." Despite this, Shiloni risked life and limb and possible burger tumors to get closer and share his discovery on Twitter. 

This all points to the upcoming fifth season of Fortnite, with the recent rocket launch cracking the dome around the world. Objects have been disappearing from the game and reappearing in the real world, which is disturbing just by itself. If this means the real world will soon become Fortnite, then count me out. 

On top of all this nonsense, players and e-sports teams have made it out to the site, only to be greeted by an agent who handed them a cryptic card that hinted at more Fortnite oddities. The card had a number which led to a recording of another object being sucked into a rift.  For now, there is a giant burger and a '80s-era police car in the middle of the desert. This is video games, this is real life. 

Meanwhile, in London, Barcelona, and Cologne, more oddities are appearing, as players have been finding llamas around the world.  The llamas seem to point to another element of season 5 outside of a possible desert map, and enterprising players have been searching all over Europe for the Piñatas.

Reddit User u/Richt3r_scale
Reddit User u/Richt3r_scale

[Source: Reddit, Polygon, Mashable

This seems like it would be pointing to a possible desert map, which would be a huge deal for Fortnite fans – although I hope it isn't as large and unwieldy as the PUBG desert map. Also, do we really need two major battle royale games that have such similar biomes? Hopefully, Epic puts as much personality as they can into the Fortnite map. 

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