Blizzard (Still) Teasing Something New For Overwatch

by Imran Khan on Jun 25, 2018 at 11:09 PM

Update: Blizzard is still teasing something, now with a ball rolling through the previously seen alleyway. I think we can safely guess that this is a new character, and that character is Fred Durst.

We'll be sure to update when Durst is confirmed.

The original story is as follows.

Over on the Overwatch Twitter, Blizzard has released a tease of what looks to be new content for the game. It is just not saying what kind of new content.

The tweet is simply captioned "Calm before the storm" and is a short video shot of an alley with various posters. One poster shows a chimp in a space suit tagged with "NO BOTS." The area is not recognizable as any existing Overwatch map.

In the replies, tweets are speculating that the tease is referring to Hammond, also known as specimen 8. In some documents, Hammond is referred to as an escaped test subject from the Horizon Lunar Colony. Blizzard had said at the beginning of the year that they were already working on testing for the character following Brigitte.

What do you think the tease is for?

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