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Anthem's Microtransactions Are Cosmetic-Only

by Joe Juba on Jun 09, 2018 at 02:10 PM

Electronic Arts said that it learned its lesson after the 2017 loot box debacle that plagued Star Wars Battlefront II. Judging from the company's approach to microtransactions in Anthem, that appears to be true. During our trip to BioWare's studio for our Anthem cover story, the team made it clear that the game does not have loot boxes or use any pay-to-win tactics. 

Players can still use real money to purchase in-game items, but they are only cosmetic and don't impact the gameplay. Game director Jon Warner tells us: “We have a couple pillars that we stick to, and generosity to our players is number one on that list. Making sure you feel you got a great value for what you bought, and that you get everything you think you should get for that money. And then, as we continue to service this game and create more stuff for it, allow you the opportunity to buy cosmetic items and vanity items that you’re interested in. But no loot crates. No pay-to-win. Strictly cosmetic.”

“Forever?” we ask.

“Forever,” Warner says.

For a more detailed response, see BioWare general manager Casey Hudson address the question in full in the video below. 

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