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Smash Bros. Director Tells Fans To Expect More New Zelda-Inspired Items

Alongside the announcement and showcase of Skyward Sword's Gust Bellows as a featured item in Super Smash Bros., comes the announcement that the game will feature more Zelda items.

On the Miiverse post accompanying the image on the Super Smash Bros. website, director Masahiro Sakurai writes, "Out of the new items, more than a few will be from The Legend of Zelda series. We'll take the most interesting and straightforward ones and reformulate them to match the Smash Bros. world."

In past Super Smash Bros. games there haven't been many Zelda-specific items, other than the Deku Nut, the bunny ears, and a heart piece. Besides the Gust Bellows, what Zelda items do you think will appear in the games?

Super Smash Bros. are on track for a 2014 release for Wii U and 3DS. For more, check out the reveals of Luigi's final smash, a Lumiose City stagea new Animal Crossing stageDiddy Kong, the Mother Brain assist trophythe Waluigi assist trophy,LucarioZelda, the Skull KidMarthSonic, a redesigned Ray Gun, the 3DS Mii Plaza, and a male Wii Fit trainer.

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  • Probably an ocarina to play them sweet lullabies?

  • I hope this is out by summer.
  • Cool beans, I guess.

  • More core Nintendo IP themes in Smash Bros. I mean, that's cool, but not all that surprising. In fact, I think this is (to me) sounding to be the most boring in the series so far. I'll reserve final judgment, but I'm not really excited for this installment and I own all the rest. I still treasure my original N64 cartridge of Smash Bros.
  • This game is gonna be such a rip. So far it's just been new items, no changes to the gameplay or anything. It's just gonna be a clone of Brawl with some new guns.
  • Each time I see another useless update on this game, I get more and more pissed off that we haven't been given a reliable release date. Stuff your Zelda items.
  • Sweet! Now just some more Metroid items.

  • Honestly, I can't wait for news about the next Nintendo. If its BWC with Wii U games, I'll probably buy SB then. Even after hearing about this and a new Zelda, I'm willing to wait thru WiiU

  • Actually they have reported another Zelda Item with the Fairy in a Bottle I believe. It'll heal even more health than the heart!

  • I'd love to use that Gust Bellows against someone using Luigi XD

  • I usually just turn all of the items off when I play. I am excited to get this and play it however. As long as the floating nature of Brawl goes away I'll be happy.

  • I wonder if it's as powerful as Kyogre in Brawl...

  • I hope the game doesn't have a gazillion different items. I hope they have the option to turn of certain items again.
  • That'll make me happy.

  • Ocrania of time: everyone moves back into the positions they were in 20 seconds ago.
  • Gust Bellows is a good fit for Smash. I can see the Megaton Hammer making it and I think the blue/red candle would be good.

  • I don't ever play with the items but I like this and the inclusion of more Zelda series items. The only real problem I can remember with the items last game is the regular hammer. The top part falls off like 70% of the time making you a target unlike in melee where it happened like 15% of the time.

  • Meanwhile at Nintendo...

  • Y'know what'd make this game so much better? Bar refaeli, Brooklyn Decker, and Kate Upton as playable characters (In bikinis of course). Edit: I know that's not gonna happen. But hey, a dude can dream right?
  • The Clawshot!

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