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The Wii Fit Trainer Gets A New Gender In Super Smash Bros.

Today's daily Super Smash Bros. image reveals that the male version of the Wii Fit Trainer will be making an appearance as a fighter.

Considering the two are sharing the exact same pose in the image above, it looks like the male version will be an optional costume for the female Wii Fit trainer. There is a chance he could be his own fighter though. Or maybe, much like Zelda and Sheik or Samus and Zero-Suit Samus, maybe you can swap genders mid-battle.

Nintendo recently revealed that Sonic and Toon Link would both be making a return in Super Smash Bros., which you can read about here and here. It was also revealed that the legendary Pokémon Xerneas will be appearing in some capacity.

We're still not sure exactly when Super Smash Bros. will be coming to Wii U and 3DS, but it should arriving next year.

[Source: Super Smash Bros.]

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  • DOES THIS MEAN SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!! My heart... Broken...

  • Thats cool. The more the merrier.

  • He reminds me of an engineer from the movie Prometheus. That said, I hope he has a tweaked move set and handles slightly differently, although if they tag-teamed like a Zelda-Sheik duo, it would be kinda of cool. Maybe they'll have different specials.

    With that said, I hope they actually do something interesting with the Ice Climbers. I think it was a missed opportunity for Nana and Popo not being interchangeable with a slightly different move set and play-style mid battle and different specials. They do that alone and I will gladly buy a Wii-U for this game alone.

  • I'm thinking this will be something like Mario/Doctor Mario or Ness/Lucas where they are 2 different fighters that are nearly identical with slightly tweaked fighting styles
  • I figured this would be the case. Though I gotta admit, I preferred if it was just the girl. Not sure why.
  • Considering that this image is on the official website and there hasn't been a 'newcomer' announcement made, I'm guessing this is a costume swap.

  • This pretty much confirms to me that the Animal Crossing Villager will most likely get a female version, too.
  • Feminist are gonna flip their ***.
  • Doesn't mean she is a fighter necessarily. Could be an assist trophy, or even just a skin for the existing wii fit trainer.

  • equality

  • Nice! Gender equality!
  • If they make these 2 separate characters i will be so pissed

  • lol, Gender-swapping mid-battle ^^'
  • When my family first got Wii Fit, we were super-enthralled with it. Then we discovered the Male Trainer. My mother said she hated using him and wouldn't let me use him because (and I'm not exaggerating) he reminded her of a pedophile

  • *scratching my head*

  • This is cool and all, but I feel like the female version has lost her uniqueness.

  • What's his special combo going to be- yoga pants? :p

  • The whole swap idea seem quite plausible. You could have the stronger slower male and the quicker and weaker female. Not to say women are weaker just saying it would make sense as the male looks quite a bit bulkier.
  • cool but i rather play with the female model :3 hopefully they'll do this to other characters that can change gender too EX: Pokemon trainer

  • Most likely a mid-battle swap option, like suggested. Zelda/Sheik combo. It'd be kind of pointless to throw in another Wii Fit Trainer. We're already getting two versions of Link (Yes, there's differences.) but it'd be best for diversity purposes, series representations, and avoiding Melee's Younger-Earlier-iteration-of-already-unlocked-character-character.

    My 2 cents.

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