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Super Smash Bros.

WarioWare's Ashley To Appear In Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo and Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai aren't clear exactly on what Ashley's role will be in the upcoming fighter, but she will make an appearance.

She's a little too obscure to be a playable character, and when new playable fighters are shown on the official Super Smash Bros. website, they are usually introduced as such. Much like the recently revealed Skull Kid, Ashley will likely appear as an assist trophy.

Update: In a follow-up to the original Miiverse post (you must be logged in to see it) Sakurai confirms that Ashley is an assist trophy. Thanks to Clay Kinson for the tip!

In the accompanying Miiverse post that appears alongside every daily Super Smash Bros. image, Sakurai says, "Who's the girl next door, living in the haunted mansion? You'd better learn my name because it's…," which is a reference to Ashley's theme song which you can see below.

Ashley first appeared in WarioWare: Touched! for the DS as one of the characters offering micro games to the player, and subsequently made appearances in Smooth Moves, D.I.Y., and most recently Game & Wario.

Recently King Dedede was confirmed for a return to Super Smash Bros. as well as Princess Zelda, which you can see here. For more reveals, check out a new look at Dr. Wily's Castle, the Skull KidMarthSonic, a redesigned Ray Gun, the 3DS Mii Plaza, and the male Wii Fit trainer.

[Source: Super Smash Bros., Miiverse]

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  • Man... she looks great in this game. This game is gonna be so much fun! I wanna play as Mega Man so bad!!!!
  • Okay so what pokemon can we play other than pikachu? comeone nintendo your killing me!
  • Another Smash update, another yawn.
  • Waiting to hear about new fighters, could care less who is the assist trophies.
  • Hm, never heard of her until now. But then again, I've never actually played a Wario game so I guess that's why.

  • Never have understood the hype behind this series or the need to get an update every time a new character is revealed. It's still basically the same game that it was when the original Smash Bros. released just with newer visuals and a different roster. We don't get constant updates about every character on the roster for each new Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter that gets released.
  • At least it's now confirmed assist trophies will make a return. I mean, we practically already knew it when they revealed Skull Kid, but it's nice to have confirmation.

  • Who?
  • Mod

    shes adorable.

  • So far, I am happy that Nintendo is revealing that they care about spinoff franchises, but I do wish they got more of a role than an assist trophy. Oh well, just hoping for a new fighter to be revealed during Nintendo Direct.
  • I love these daily updates. It's my first excuse to turn on my Wii U every morning.

  • I like the assist characters in battle. Some of them can actually turn the tide of battle. If any character from assist characters deserve to be a full fledge fighter, its Little Mac.

  • she so cute

  • Ahhhh Wario Ware was soooooo awesome and I loved her levels :D

  • Why not 9-volt?
  • She looks cute.

  • Man I remember her back in WarioWare Touched, I kinda liked her, she had the weirdest minigames, its cool she's an assist trophy.

  • Kind of a shame she isn't playable.

    Even with Rosalina and Wii Fit Trainer added in this time, the Smash Bros. roster is a bit of a sausage-fest :) It's always nice to see some more ladies added to the roster. Oh well. Maybe Roy will get replaced, and a female Fire Emblem character will join Marth in this Smash instead?

    Plus Ashley looks fantastic in 3D. Props to the artists at Namco. Who knew that simplistic Warioware art would translate so well to 3D?

  • I know they're probably gonna save all the new comer characters for more towards the launch of the game, but come on show us someone new we can actually PLAY AS.

  • She's so cute!

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