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Mii Plaza's Find Mii StreetPass RPG Making An Appearance In Super Smash Bros.

Today's new Super Smash Bros. image reveals a new stage and possibly a new boss character.

If you've made it all the way through the 3DS's StreetPass RPG, Find Mii, then you will recognize the imposing fellow above as the game's ultimate boss. It's unclear if the green glowing monster will serve as a playable character, or a boss comparable to Master Hand. Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai's commentary on the Miiverse accompanying the image doesn't add much detail. In the post, Sakurai says, "Pic of the day. Pop quiz! Who is this monster, and where is it from? The cage may serve as a hint."

What is clear, however, is that there will be a Find Mii stage in the New Super Smash Bros., as evidenced by the background of the image.

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[Source: Super Smash Bros., Miiverse]

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  • I don't even care what that thing is, as those little Mii distractions are pretty stupid wastes of time (like everything else starring the Miis to anyone who isn't an octogenarian bowling fan). But I would like it if they added some new, interesting bosses to Smash Bros. besides Master Hand. Heck, more varied encounters in the Arcade/Single-Player mode in general.

    Fighting games could always do with more varied activities for the single player game. I'd appreciate that a lot more than dumb, badly designed, overproduced story modes with pretentious names, "Subspace Emissary"... *ugh*

  • no lie im sick and tires of them giving us so little info about this game i want to learn more now