While my main mission in Friday Rock Recs is to highlight bands you might not know much about, every once in a while, I like talking about a deeper cut of a band everyone already knows and loves. I'm doing just that with an awesome track you might not know from what is arguably the biggest rock band in the world.

If you listen to Foo Fighters, you likely know albums like The Colour and the Shape and Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace from front to back. My personal favorite album from Dave Grohl and co. is Wasting Light, which was recorded and mixed in Grohl's garage (I highly recommend the documentary on the making of Wasting Light called Back and Forth if you haven't already watched that). "Come Back" is a song I missed during my crash course on the Foo Fighters when I was first getting into them in high school. While this could be because I got into the band after One by One came out in 2002 – 2005's In Your Honor was when I really started diving into their catalog – it's more likely because One by One has always been my least favorite album of theirs.

Sure, One by One has Foo Fighter mainstays like "All My Life" and "Times Like These," but I feel like the rest of the LP is considerably weaker than any other record released in proximity to it. Because I would always eventually move off of the album before I got to the end, I missed out on the nearly-8-minute-long epic that rounds out the tracklist. "Come Back" has not only become my favorite hidden gem of the Foo Fighters' catalog, but one of my favorite tracks overall by the band. When you talk about a band with as rich of a discography as the Foo Fighters have, that's saying something. You can check out "Come Back" below.

Artist: Foo Fighters
Album: One by One
Release: October 22, 2002

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