We Are Harlot proves that sometimes it just takes a change of scenery for something remarkable to sprout. I was never a huge fan of Asking Alexandria (granted, I'm not a big metalcore fan in the first place), but with We Are Harlot, vocalist Danny Worsnop's main band since his departure from Asking Alexandria in 2015, I'm all in with the frontman. While many felt Worsnop's interest in his then-side-project We Are Harlot was responsible for his departure from that band, he has stated that he just didn't want to make that heavy of music anymore.

However, with We Are Harlot's 2015 self-titled LP, Worsnop proved that he still has at least a lingering interest in heavy music. Harlot's album wasn't the metalcore sound of Asking Alexandria, but it was definitely a hard rock record with some softer ballads sprinkled in. Tracks like "Flying Too Close to the Sun" and "Denial" even let Worsnop dust off his growls and screams, but what I like about this band is that it isn't trying to be anything more than a really strong, straightforward hard rock group. Jeff George (formerly of Sebastian Bach's solo band) has some fantastic chops on guitar, and bassist Brian Weaver and drummer Bruno Agra round out an awesome rhythm section.

One of the heaviest tracks on the album also happens to be one of my favorites. "One More Night" is an unstoppable, raucous rock song that is great to listen to whether you're working out or driving around with your windows down. Check that out below, and click over to my other post to see why We Are Harlot was one of my favorite albums of 2015.

Artist: We Are Harlot
Album: We Are Harlot
Release: March 31, 2015

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