Summer is in full swing and even though we often see a decline in video game activity as gamers spend more time outside or off vacationing, you sure wouldn't know it by the community's output this week. The number of blogs featured this week marks a 4-month high and includes a multitude of diverse topics.

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Period Reviewed: July 01 – July 07, 2013
Number of User Blogs: 91
Number of User Bloggers: 45
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Community Events:

Extra Life 2013 – Team GIO Update #1
Zachary Pligge provides an update on the preparations for the Extra Life charity event coming up in November. See how many people signed up already and how many donations have been made.

Community Blogs:

Date Night With Co-Op Gaming
The traditional arcades might not be as prominent as they were in the '80s, but they still exist. LetMeGetToACheckpoint chats about his experience hanging out at an arcade with his girlfriend.

Ten Of The Best Video Game Voices Of This Generation
Mike Presler's blog about the best video game voices of this generation reminds us of the real people who often go unmentioned despite breathing life into our favorite characters.

Do Games Need A Woman's Touch?
The discussion regarding the needed presence of more female protagonists is certainly not a new one, but Tim Gruver's perspective on the subject is relevant and worth reading.

Five Ways To Play Games On A Budget
Game Informer intern Matt Akers provides a handful of creative methods for gaming on a budget that you might be able to use to play all the newest games without spending a small fortune to do so.

The Day Call Of Duty Fails
Whether you love Call of Duty or not, there is no denying it's grown into a colossal series. With each successor breaking record after record, Cameron Koch wonders what happens when it fails.

If I Were In Charge Of Nintendo's Games
It's common for us to imagine what we would do if we were the boss, which is exactly what Saturday Morning Replay does with this blog about his business plan for Nintendo.

Why I Will Never Tire Of The Post-Apocalyptic Genre
Desert Rat's first blog at Game Informer is a good one, exploring our fascination with the "end of the world" setting littering the landscape of video games and why he is okay with that scenario.

Top 10 Living Suits Of Armor In Gaming
Even xl9 would agree this is one of his most unusual top ten lists, as he catalogs his favorite animated suits of armor in a blog that's sure to leave you surprised there are even that many titles to choose from.

Shorter, Cheaper Games Are Often Better Games
Neon Pixels discusses how some independent titles are cheaper in price and shorter in length but still provide an entertaining experience rivaling games produced by larger studios.

Laura Vs. Nilin, The Showdown
Pitting two leading heroines against one another in a competition comparing everything from outfits to athletic ability, ADAMMWOOLLEY compares and contrasts Lara Croft with Nilin.

Can A Game Change Your Life?
Marco Polo hammers out a thought-provoking narrative exploring the impact video games can have on a person while asking if they can actually change your whole outlook on life itself.

Some Long Shot RPGs I'd Like To See Announced
AshaMan3000 mentions a few Role-Playing Game (RPG) titles he'd like to see sequels to, even though he knows the likelihood of it happening is improbable.

What I Want In A Wrestling Game
It's interesting how every few months or so we see a member write about what they'd like to see in a wrestling game, just like Michael has done here. Who knew there were so many fans of the genre?

Four Awful Game Features (Done In The Name Of Realism)
With a bit of a wit and sarcasm, thegodofwine7 vents his frustration over a few techniques developers use to inject a degree of realism into their games, and why he's not a fan.

My Top Ten Rebel Leaders
Inspired by Independence Day celebrations, Eric Watson lists his favorite groups of rebels and those who have taken on the responsibility of leading these insurgents in various uprisings.

The Problem With Loving Story The Most
Most would agree that story is an important element for most video games. The Destroyer takes it a little bit further with his thoughts on how loving the story most can be both good and bad.

Community Reviews:

Light On The Content, Heavy On The Substance
The follow-up to last year's surprise hit from Telltale Games, The Walking Dead: 400 Days doesn't quite live up to the praise of its predecessor. Check out Orochisama LEVON, Spectre's review to see why.

Remember Me Review
Buddy Acker posts an impressive review for a not so impressive game as he evaluates Remember Me, an action-adventure title developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom.

Dying In A Game Never Felt So Good
Hard to believe Playdead's debut game Limbo is nearly three years old. Mansour's brief review of the game is a great reminder how special this dark and gloomy puzzle-platformer truly is.

The '80s Strikes Back With A Vengeance: First Blood Part II
A review as colorful as the game itself, jconner800 provides one of the best critiques you'll find for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a standalone expansion to last year's big First Person Shooter (FPS).

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