Welcome to my weirdest Top 10 yet! One of my favorite monster ideas is the living armor. It’s a creative concept, but I never paid it much mind until I watched Fullmetal Alchemist.  After seeing Alphonse Elric and having the living suit of armor idea burned into my brain forever, I decided to make a list about the best Living Armor suits in gaming. With that out of the way, suit up and check the helmet, these are the Top 10 Living Suits of Armor in gaming.


Before this list starts, i'd like to give a special mention to the SA-X who barley missed the cut. It was a really close decision between it and my number 10. Now with that out of the way, here we go!


10-Tough Possessor (Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon)

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has many suits of armor, but the most impressive is the one possessed by the Tough Possessor. This giant suit of armor swings at Luigi with a sword that’s easily five times as big as our green hero, and twice as thick. This was one of my favorite boss battles in the game, and it easily earns the spot.


9-Ghost Knight (Mother 3)

The Ghost Knight is one of Mother 3’s many optional bosses, but this one is my favorite. It’s a powerful suit of armor that is hidden in Osohe Castle, that’s very intimidating as far as optional bosses go. However, it’s weak against lightning attacks and duster’s thief tools, so taking it out can be a breeze if you chain together the right combos.


8-Steel Knight (Little King’s Story)

The Steel Knight is the greatest warrior in Little King’s Story, as well as the hardest to get. At one point in the game, you can buy an overpriced suit of armor. Most people wouldn’t buy it, but then they’d be missing out. For at night, this suit of armor becomes animated and can join your party, making the rest of the game undeniably easy. But while it would feel cheap in other games, it feels worth it once you discover the suit’s secrets.


7-Posessed Armor (Terraria)

Of course, another Xl9 Top 10 Blog, another Terraria monster. The Possessed Armor is a hardmode enemy that takes the form of an old suit of Cobalt Armor. It charges at you rather quickly, and is one of the only enemies in the game that can actually open doors. They can always make nighttime survival stressful, even if you are boarded up in a house.


6-Restless Armor (Dragon Quest III)

Restless Armor is one of the most iconic Dragon Quest monsters, and for good reason. They’re depicted as noble and chivalrous warriors who almost seem clueless to the fact that they don’t actually have a body. They have a strong connection with slimes, even to the point where they can tame them and use them for healing.


5-Guard Armor (Kingdom Hearts)

The Guard armor is a heartless possessing a giant and powerful suit of armor, much like the Tough Possessor mentioned earlier. Unlike the Tough Possessor, the Guard Armor is actually a recurring boss in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, having appeared nearly every time Sora has been to Traverse Town. Something about his constant attacks make this visit to the town complete.


4-Final Guard (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow)

Castlevania has many different living suits of armor, but my personal favorites are the Final Guards in Aria of Sorrow. They’re powerful brute-like creatures, who take multiple hits to defeat. And apparently I’m not the only one who likes them, because they’ve been in almost every Castlevania since.


3-Golruk (Pokemon Black and White)

Golruk is one of the most interesting and creative additions to Pokemon’s 5th generation, which is why he’s usually in my party. Golruks were suits of armor created long ago to protect people and their pokemon from danger. They can fly at mach speeds and can wistand lots of punishment. If you team together the right moves, they’re almost unstoppable.


2-Bishamon (Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors)

Bishamon is odd, because technically there is a person inside of the armor. However, this person is actually controlled by the armor instead of vice-versa. Bishamon’s suit of armor transformed him into a murderer and deadly killer, making him a perfect fit for the Darkstalkers cast.


1-Phantoms (The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass)

The Phantoms may be the most annoying enemies in Zelda history, but I have to respect them. They’re living suits of armor that are faster and stronger than link, so much so that they can even kill him with a single sword swipe. They killed me so many times in Phantom Hourglass that nothing could compare to the satisfaction of actually controlling one in Spirit Tracks.